The Menu

Our beef are all range fed and finished right!  We demand the best.  Our grill...well, it's unique in that the 'swinging' part keeps the juices 'in' the meat as it swings back & forth.  We do not use any seasonings as we don't need to!  Juniper (cedar wood) does the trick with it's own special aroma that is unlike any other wood.  The Pinto beans come from Dove Creek, Colorado...dry farmed...we have our secrets to keeping them 'quiet'!  They are meant to be 'soupy' and are nutritious.  Any other salad dressing besides our own seasoned oil & vinegar dressing would simply be wrong!  Texas Toast- garlic, butter & toasted on the grill...Kids love this home cooked meal, too!

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Between the Valley's...a river runs through it...

The Hamburger

A half pound of ground Angus Sirloin!  Only the best.

Served with Pinto beans, salad & Texas toast.

The Sirloin

Sirloin8 oz. of lean, tender sirloin, called the 'baseball' cut as it's as thick as it is wide!

Served with Pinto beans, salad & Texas toast

The New York

14 plus oz. of lean, tender steak.  Cut thick no matter how you order it!

Served with Pinto beans, salad & Texas toast

The Ribeye

18 plus oz. of perfectly marbled, juicy steak! 1 1/2" thick...(can be shared!)

Served with Pinto beans, salad & Texas toast

The Extra Plate

The Extra PlateEverything but the meat...perfect for 'sharing' a plate or by itself!

Pinto beans, salad & Texas toast.

The Drinks

Coke, Diet coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Iced Tea, Coffee...

and a variety of cold Beer!


The Swingin' Steaks is open March through October (weather permitting!), as we're over 1200 feet lower than Monument Valley and Kayenta our weather can be drastically NICER! 

First come, first served. Reservations don't work well here & our hours fluctuate with the sun.  No formal dress required...just bring your appetite and prepare to relax under the stars and let the fire relax your eyes!

As a family band we try to play music whenever we can, it is our first love....keep in mind that we all have 'day jobs'!   We welcome other musicians & singers to come on stage with us!