Cancellation Policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy.  A cancellation code will be given to you, however, if you find yourself out here in the vast southwest & cannot get here, even on the day of your expected arrival, please call us!  We may be able to waive the cancellation policy for you...! 

Please know that if your credit card is not correct then your room will not be guaranteed.

Travel Agents: You must have approval for vouchers.

Non Smoking Rooms

All of our rooms are non-smoking, however, we do provide easy access to smoking areas outside each room.  Please keep doors & windows shut to prevent smoke from going into rooms.  There will be a $250.00 cleaning fee for smoking in our rooms.

Pet Policy

We do not accept pets.  If a pet is brought into a room there will be a $250.00 cleaning fee charged to you.  In case of no credit card on file we will contact authorities as this can be a very serious problem for other guests

Be kind to the next person staying in your room!  They may have debilitating allergies that could ruin their entire vacation.

Also know that many of the 'stray dogs' on the Navajo Reservation are not strays...they likely belong to a family and are sheep dogs or in training for such! It's very heartbreaking, however, when you find the ones that are obviously 'dumped'.  In that case, please don't 'dump' them on us, too!  Take them to a shelter or ask someone else to.  Thank You!